Elhand Transformatory is a high quality, innovative European manufacturer of electro-dynamic products including series, wide spectrum harmonic filters for variable frequency drives (VFDs), DC drives and other rectifier loads.

In addition, a range of du/dt and sinewave filters are also available for VFDs to prevent motor winding damage, attenuation audible noise and to prevent “standing waves” (i.e. cable resonance due to long cable lengths).

The range of high performance harmonic and output filters are available from 4kW/5HP to 2600kW/3500HP in voltages from 380V to 690/50Hz and 440V, 600V to 690V/60Hz. Enclosures, depending on rating are available in IP00, IP21, IP23, IP54 and IP66.

The general Specification of Harmonic filters is provided below:

For full information and the latest brochure on Elhand harmonic filters and output filters please contact us at: info@sentinelpowerquality.com