VFD voltage_ICE

Inversine™ output filters are used to resolve a number of problems associated with VFD high IGBT switching frequencies and  long cable from the VFD to the motor.

Inversine™ significantly reduces dv/dt (i.e. rated of rise of voltage) and associated peak voltages and currents.

The result is that both the modulated IGBT bridge voltage and current waveforms produced by pulse width modulation operation are reconstituted to almost to a pure sine wave.
In addition to preventing resonance (i.e. standing waves) Inversine™ reduces RFI emissions and on occasion can negate the need for a special VFD rated screened cable.  Motor audible noise, motor temperature and mechanical and winding insulation stress are also reduced.

Differential mode and common mode variants are available in voltage from 380V to 690V and VFD ratings from 4kW/5HP to over 2625kW/3500HP.

For more on Inversine™ click here – AUSF-PS01-A3-Inversine-Brochure