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Lineators are the original and very successful series connected, passive wide spectrum harmonic filters designed to provide better than 18 pulse performance to 6 pulse AC VFDs, DC SCR drives and other rectifier loads from in powers from 4kW/5HP to 2611kW/3500HP in voltages from 380V to 690V.

Lineators provide better than 18 pulse harmonic performance (5-6% Ithd as standard and <5% for high performance models) under all operating conditions (up to 12% Uthd and 55 deg C for Extreme Duty versions) and thus meet the requirements of the IEEE 519 (1992) and international and offshore harmonic standards and marine classification society rules and recommendations.

Lineators are commonly installed on drilling rigs and oil production platforms, acknowledged as being one of the most arduous electrical environments in the World. Their application covers SCR drives or VFD harmonic mitigation (including common DC bus VFD systems) regularly to be found on drilling packages (i.e. mud pumps, draw-works and top drive or rotary table). They are also regularly installed on ESP (electrical submersible pump) VFDs and on marine vessels for a range of applications.

Lineators are available for 6 pulse, single or multiple AC variable frequency (VFD) and/or DC SCR drives in powers from 5HP/4kW to over 3750kW/5000HP in voltages from 380V to 690V. Larger ratings, units with ABS and other marine approvals (including ABS, DNVGL and LR) and MV versions can also be supplied.

In the addition to reducing the total harmonic current distortion (Ithd) to around 5-6% (<5% for HP (high performance) models). Lineators isolate the drives (or other rectifier loads) from mains borne disturbances such as background voltage distortion and voltage spikes (due to SCR drives, for example).

Over 10,000 Lineators are operating worldwide today. The largest ones are used in marine vessels, drilling rigs and for other oilfield services.

For more information on Lineator™ please click here – AUHF-PS01-A2-Lineator-Brochure


Marine & Offshore Specific (MOS) Lineator

A MOS (Marine & Offshore Specific) Lineator was introduced in January 2016.   As the name implies this variant was developed specifically for the marine and offshore drilling sectors and features a fortified IP rated enclosure, natural cooling, 50 deg C operation, reactor and capacitor monitoring and web access via a dedicated browser.   Options include the ability to check and maintain the capacitors on the run (i.e. without powering down) without affecting operations.

For information on the MOS Lineator please tick here – AUHF-PS02-A1-MOS-Lineator-Brochure–En



Insight™ is a comprehensive power and alarm meter specifically designed for a range of Mirus Lineator™ wide spectrum harmonic filters. The monitoring system continuously interrogates the equipment to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

For more on Mirus Insight™ please click here – INST-PS01-A1-Insight-Brochure


SOLV VFD/DC drive harmonic simulation software

In order to assist in the application of Lineator(s) a free but very comprehensive harmonic modelling tool called SOLV is available. Please visit to register and/or click here for more information – SOLV-PS01-A2-Solv-Brochure

Note: Harmonic Solutions Oil and Gas can also provide harmonic modelling for clients on receipt of sufficient application information for classification body compliance verification