Welcome to Harmonic Solutions Oil and Gas, an organisation specialising in the provision of consulting, site services and mitigation solutions pertaining to harmonics and other oilfield and offshore power quality problems.

Harmonic Solutions Oil and Gas is a Division of Sentinel Power Quality FZE, based in the United Arab Emirates. Via satellite offices in strategic parts of the world it is ideally located for worldwide mobilisation to sites, offshore and onshore. The engineering staff at Harmonic Solutions Oil and Gas have over 17 years of direct global experience in all fields of power quality across a wide spectrum onshore and offshore installations.

Unacceptable power quality on landrigs, offshore drilling rigs, drillships, offshore platforms and other installations can have serious, detrimental effects as to safety, operational integrity, productivity and profitability.

Most offshore installations, land-rigs and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs (have recommend limits for harmonic voltage distortion (Uthd) set by the standard authorities (e.g. IEC or IEEE) or marine classification bodies such as ABS, DVNGL and LR during the design process and classification and usually based on a maximum recommended limit of 5% or 8% Uthd, depending on the type/class of installation. However, these limits are given scant regarding the harmonic voltage distortion can be 5-7 times the recommended limits.
The additional problems of line notching, voltage spikes due to DC SCR drives and common mode voltage, an EMI problem (at harmonic frequencies) due to variable frequency drives (VFDs), results in the offshore installation or drilling rig being one of the most challenging and arduous electrical environments in the world.

Our objective…

The primary objective of this website is to provide advice and information on some of the most common offshore and oilfield power quality problems and to direct clients and customers to the range of services and solutions from Harmonic Solutions Oil and Gas to resolve these problems. Correct diagnosis of harmonics, power quality and EMC issues is of fundamental importance in the provision of equitable and cost effective solutions.
Education is the key to understanding harmonics and related issues. Therefore this website permits the downloading of technical information in the subject areas pertaining to harmonics and associated power quality issues including EMC, whether through dedicated site information, the provision of editorials and interesting technical papers and publications.

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