Oil Tool Solutions, based in the US, are focused on the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced cable protection including for ESP cross coupling, motor lead extension guards and other ESP devices.

They fully understand harsh well conditions and deviations and have designed and engineered very high-quality, rugged products to withstand those extremely harsh conditions.


HULK Cross Coupling ESP Cable Protectors

7” Wellbore Applications

A cable is the single most expensive component of an ESP system and is often damaged at tubing collars if not properly protected.

Hulk is designed to take a beating, so your equipment does not have to. Hulk is manufactured with the client in mind. It uses annealed ductile iron able to withstand tremendous impacts without shattering so Hulk can spread loads with ease. The clamps are fast and easy to install. There are no disassembled pieces, no twisted U-bolts, no loose nuts, and zero pins to fall downhole. Its clamps can be refurbished and rerun multiple times and OTS will warehouse, deliver, recondition, and manage your inventory of Hulk clamps at one of our nearby locations.

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Hulk Cross Coupling Protectors video:

HULK Motor Extension Lead Guards

HULK Motor Extension Lead Guard

7” Wellbore Applications

Motor Lead Extension Guards are engineered and designed for superior protection. Hulk MLE Guards maintain the integrity and increase the longevity of your MLE cables.

Reliable system performance is key. Improve and properly protect your system now with Hulk MLEs.

MLE cable integrity is a growing concern with all the high DLS and inclination wells today. Since grounded downhole is the number one reason for pulling an ESP, rugged cable protection is one of the most cost-effective strategies to improve ESP economics. Hulk MLE Guard will provide a channel for your cable and ‘captube’ (i.e. capillary tube), while simultaneously shifting your equipment away from the casing, drastically reducing your MLE exposure in between the clamps.

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Sand Mitigation

OTS Sand Slayer

The OTS Sand Slayer uses a patented vortex action to reliably and efficiently separate solids from the production fluid downhole. It attaches directly to the bottom of an ESP sensor or motor base. Other options are available to attach to retrievable packers. Its unique design resolves many issues seen with legacy separating technology such as washout, erosion, and parted strings.


Sand Slayer in Operational Use

When the pump starts up, fluid enters in through the large intake slots of the tool housing and travels up to the vortex intake where the vortex is induced. The vortex and all separating actions occur inside hardened, stainless steel components so there is no possibility to erode the tool housing, which usually lead to parted strings.  As the solids are separated out, they are funneled down into the tailpipe assembly below, while the clean fluid reverses direction and flows up the Sand Slayer’s inner diameter. The clean fluid is discharged from the top connector annular ports and is directed up to the pump’s intake for an ESP application.

With a wide operating range up to 5,000 barrels per day, the Sand Slayer minimizes pressure drop across the tool, which helps mitigate issues with low intake pressure applications, scaling, and maximizes pump lifting performance.

Sand Slayer has a fail-safe design feature. If the tailpipe assembly fills up with solids, the fluid will continue to flow through the Sand Slayer without restriction. 



With over 400 successful installations, which increase weekly and zero failure rate  to date, the Sand Slayer is field proven technology which focuses on efficiently removing solids from the downhole production fluids.  The broad operating range is designed for unconventional wells which experience drastically changing flow rates during lifting operations.


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OTS centralizer


The OTS centralizer is designed and built on the basis of simplicity, enormous strength and durability. The OTS centralizer is engineered to protect your most important assets against harmful mechanical damage to your ESP systems.


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